Hello to You, esteemed DO-IT-YOURSELFers and Business Associates!

When I think of You, I imagine You being busy distilling as this year’s fruits and crops shine like diamonds: gruits, grain and potatoes. Vodka? Whisky? When I think of You, I imagine You being busy distilling as this year’s fruits and crops shine like diamonds: gruits, grain and potatoes. Vodka? Whisky? We can also show You how to go about these liquors. It’s not the amount alone, but also the quality which offers the rich and stable aroma contributing to the fine drinks! A good fruit, a good mash, good distillation is the greater part of the success. But never forget that storing in glass balloons (on enquiry in an attractive shock-proof wooden frame) and the correct dilution that is establishing the correct alcoholic strength of the liquor influence the final result enormously! Bottling, the bottle itself as the packaging as well as labeling enhance the overall experience of “schnapps”. It doesn’t matter if You do it commercially or privately – the effort You invest increases Your pride and success! By the way, You know the “legal requirements”!?...

Many of You, our esteemed customers , have participated in our numerous Courses and Seminars in the last two years and therefore are up to date. Why not also increase Your background knowledge, learn about the latest scientific aspects (we intensively cooperate with various educational institutions in the field of agriculture and farming). From “one distiller to the other“ information travels more easily – so try us out!

Winter is now with us and the weather swings from stormy to wet, freezing cold to icy – a joyful time for the Do-It-Yourselfer! There is more time for “fine-tuning” of well-known culinary and oenological processes and try out new ideas!

Especially our new fields of smoking, cheese-making, bread & dough show the way: leave the industry-wide uniform taste and produce and experience food that is really “edible” and not just digestible because it has been produced by Yourself. And You know how to do it, as we can taste in many a sample of product of our customers! Congratulations, Your quality improves terrifically – keep this spirit! If we can support You with our courses, workshops and seminars, we’d love to !

Just theory? – no way, we also offer all the accessory for Your success. For Hobby, Profession and Vocation. It’s in our shop, plenty of equipment; but if You can’t see it, it doesn’t mean that we have not got it! But sometimes we can’t catch up on presenting our range of products. But we put consulting first to anything else, including working the keyboard for describing a newly added product.

Do Your research on www.holzeis.at and make use of our informative and quite comprehensive web catalogue which You can browse with the help of the practical search function. (to the far right hand side on every web page!)

Nicht Don’t miss the bottom fermented beer, a good choice for Winter! Home-brewed Beer – and relaxing becomes easy!

I’m looking forward to Your visit in person in our nice holzeis - Factory Store in Pressbaum, Highway A1 Exit Pressbaum!


Michael Holzeis, the DO-IT-YOURSELFer

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